Consuming more fruit and vegetables, along with exercise, may increase happiness

A new study measuring levels of happiness found that consuming more fruit and vegetables, along with exercise, increased more of it.

The findings were released in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

In their study, researchers at the University of Kent and the University of Reading set out to assess individual well-being by measuring two types of lifestyle: consumption of fruit and vegetables as well as exercise.

“The ability to delay gratification enables individuals to give greater weight to the investment component of lifestyle decisions rather than merely the affective component,” according to the study’s authors.

“Our analysis is based on the UK Understanding Society Data, which covers 40,000 UK households over time.”

“Our results confirm those of Blanchflower et al. (2013) as well as Mujcic and Oswald (2016) who found that mental health and happiness increased with fruit and vegetable consumption,” the study’s authors affirmed.

Image courtesy of depositphotos
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