Revamping the design of classrooms may promote better child learning

At the Spanish-based Open University of Catalonia in Barcelona, researchers were keen on identifying new ways of improving the learning environment for children.

First appearing in the journal Learning Environment Research, a team of experts found how revamping the classroom design may improve child learning, according to the consensus of instructors.

From the study: “This paper explores the perceptions of and attitudes towards change of teachers working in preschool, primary and compulsory secondary education in Catalonia regarding SLS. To achieve this, a survey was carried out with 847 students.”

“After checking the instrument’s validity and reliability, univariate and bivariate analysis were followed by two-step cluster analysis.”

“The Smart Spaces that we have implemented as part of the research are co-designed, applying a thoroughness, rigorousness, and seeking to meet the highest objectives and results for learning proposed by each centre. And these spaces are needed in all of the stages,” the study reads.

The study was authored by Guillermo Bautista Pérez, María José Rubio Hurtado, and Angelina Sánchez-Martí.

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