Mindfulness programs are effective for boosting mental wellness in young children

A new release in the International Journal of Spa and Wellness unveiled how mindfulness programs can be effective in improving the mental health of young children.

At the University of Derby, over 1,000 young participants in early childhood were recruited from over two dozen English schools.

The participants had engaged in a single 45-minute session of mindfulness techniques once a week for one month and a half.

By the study’s conclusion, the Derby research group uncovered drastic improvements in overall well-being among the participants, with increased optimism and resiliency.

“Findings from the study indicate that mindfulness delivered by school teachers can improve wellbeing and resiliency in children and young people,” commented one co-author of the study in a news release.

“These findings are also in line with the view that preventative interventions given at a young age can help to reduce the incidence of mental health problems in young people.”

The study was also conducted in collaboration with Derbyshire Educational Psychology Service.

Image courtesy of positivepsychology.com
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