Fruit and vegetable intake associated with lower levels of perceived stress

The importance of healthy nutritional habits was reassured in a new study released in Clinical Nutrition.

According to researchers at Edith Cowan University, their study of over 8,600 Australian adults examined if fruit and vegetable intake impacts stress levels. The participants recruited were aged 25 to 91.

The participants were administered questionnaires to assess their dietary intake. The average age was 47.

The study concluded that consuming 470 grams of fruit and vegetables, at the minimum, may considerably lower stress levels.

The effects on perceived stress levels were distinct among men and women.

“In Australian adults, higher fruit and vegetable intake was associated with lower perceived stress, particularly in the middle-aged adults,” the study reads.

“These findings support current recommendations that fruit and vegetables are essential for health and well-being.”

Image courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto