Planned morning exercise associated with increased eating habits the night before

A study by Loughborough University studied the patterns of energy intake in the 24 hours before planned aerobic exercises in the morning.

According to the findings, released in the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers found increased energy intake the night before planned morning exercises.

14 male participants took part in the study, all with a history of gym-based aerobic exercise routines.

From the findings: “This study investigated the effect of an anticipated morning-fasted aerobic exercise session on appetite and energy intake in the 24 h before exercise, compared to an identical resting control trial.”

“This study suggests planned fasted aerobic exercise increases EI during the preceding afternoon/evening, precipitating a 10% increase in EI in the preceding 24-h.”

“However, this increase did not fully compensate for energy expended during exercise; meaning exercise induced an acute negative energy balance,” the findings concluded.