Teachers tend to have weaker relationships with immigrant and Black children

A recent study by New York University found that teachers tend to report weaker relationships more so with children of immigrants and Black adolescents compared to other people.

The study had been publicized online in the American Journal of Education.

“Existing research highlights the importance of teacher-student relationships on academic indicators such as test scores, classroom engagement, and interest in learning,” a news release of the findings state.

“Teachers not only play a pivotal role in developing students’ knowledge and skills, but can also serve as role models.”

Overall, the findings showcase how teach-student relationships are an important source of social capital.

“In contrast to the idea that racial discrimination is an intentional disparagement, the findings may reflect a subtler form of racial discrimination: teachers may be unfamiliar with the lives of all of their students, and this lack of knowledge may hinder relationships,” the findings also suggest.

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