Yoga could lessen the severity of occupational stress in healthcare workers

In another study on yoga and its health-related benefits, a group of American researchers demonstrated how physical relaxation through yoga could lessen the severity of work-related stress, physical health, and mental well-being.

The findings were released in the Journal of Occupational Health.

According to researchers, the study included close to 700 healthcare workers as part of 15 trials.

“Databases were searched for randomized controlled trials on the use of physical relaxation methods for occupational stress in healthcare workers with any duration of follow-up,” the study reads.

“Meta-analysis was performed for standard mean differences in stress measures from baseline between subjects undergoing relaxation vs non-intervention controls. Network meta-analysis was conducted to determine the best relaxation method.”

The findings point to reduced occupational stress as a result of physical relaxation methods, like yoga.

“Physical relaxation may help reduce occupational stress in healthcare workers. Yoga is particularly effective and offers the convenience of online delivery. Employers should consider implementing these methods into workplace wellness programs,” the study concluded.

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