Higher educational attainment may improve well-being among Australian women

Among Australian women, higher educational attainment has been linked to increased well-being, according to new research in PLOS One.

Conducted at Vietnamese-German University, the study arose as prior research has found that education may cause positive and negative impacts on well-being.

In the new study, the data from a survey spanned between 2002-2015 were analyzed. Researchers measured well-being using six separate ways, which included life satisfaction, positive affect, and negative affect.

The findings led to the conclusion that higher educational attainment was linked to increased psychological well-being. In particular, the effects resulted in improved well-being, positive affect, and diminished psychological distress.

The study also uncovered that women with high educational attainment were more likely to be physically fit and less likely to misuse substances.

From the study: “The findings show that the connection between education and well-being is mediated by healthy behaviors, such as engaging in physical activity, abstaining from drinking and smoking, social interactivity, and higher income. Therefore, public health campaigns which promote healthy behaviors among women should potentially mitigate gaps in formal education.”

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