Mindfulness in adjunction with hypnotherapy very effective for treating chronic stress

New findings released earlier this year unveiled the effectiveness of mindfulness in adjunction with hypnotherapy for the treatment of chronic stress. The study, conducted by Baylor University, was released in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

As part of their study, the Baylor team probed the efficiency of mindful hypnotherapy intervention in a randomized trial. The study involved 42 participants in early-adulthood with high-levels of stress.

In the study, the participants went through an eight-week intervention with “1-hour individual sessions and self-hypnosis audio recordings for daily mindfulness,” according to the researchers.

The results demonstrated efficiency among the participants who adhered to the treatment and a very minimal rate of adverse reactions.

“There were significant differences between the mindful hypnotherapy (MH) and control groups postintervention, with the mindful hypnotherapy intervention resulting in significant and large decrease in perceived distress and increase in mindfulness,” the study’s co-authors determined.

“This study indicates that MH is a feasible intervention for stress reduction and increasing mindfulness.”

For researchers, their findings showcase the first empirical evaluation of the combination of mindfulness and hypnosis. Given the recent novel coronavirus outbreak and other sociological disruptions triggering abnormal levels of stress among the general population, the study’s testing of such an intervention may come at a critical time.

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