The therapeutic potential of cannabis remains the subject of controversy

In a new study released in Science, experts at the University of Vienna have re-established a basis for the use of cannabis-based products to alleviate certain illnesses. However, socio-political discourse is still a controversial issue.

The research team acknowledged the therapeutic potential of cannabis as a medicinal intervention for certain conditions but suggests urgent evidence-based clinical trials are warranted.

“We know that cannabis could be used for many diseases, and, to some extent, we also know how it works. But the fact that there are so many products on the market also gives the impression that it helps with everything and nothing,” according to researchers. “But, in fact, cannabis is not a miracle plant; it has very specific uses and we urgently need a number of scientific, evidence-based clinical trials on this subject.”

Researchers also mentioned in their findings: “It is very important for both the university sector and pharmaceutical companies to initiate basic and translational studies to give us a better understanding of the specific effects of cannabinoids.”

“There would be a great future if we could standardize the forms of application of cannabis constituents and then conduct research with standardized extracts in specially designed clinical trials.”