Vitamin D supplements are not effective for treating IBS symptoms

New research in the European Journal of Nutrition unveiled that vitamin D supplements are not effective for treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Sheffield.

“There has been interest from researchers and from patient groups in the potential of high dose vitamin D to alleviate symptoms of IBS, but there haven’t been many properly controlled trials in this area. What our research shows is that supplementing vitamin D at a safe dose did not reduce the severity of IBS symptoms,” said one co-author of the study in a press release.

“It is worth noting however, that the vitamin D supplementation did correct deficiencies in those people who were found to have poor vitamin D status, and this is important for other aspects such as bone and muscle health.”

The study involved trials on participants suffering from IBS with an investigation as to whether vitamin D may lower the severity of symptoms.

Researchers found no differences between the supplementation of vitamin D for a specific span of time and the severity of IBS symptoms.

“There is a range of management strategies that people living with IBS can seek help with from their GP, but because of the heterogeneity of the syndrome, managing IBS can be trial and error for each individual patient,” said another co-author in the press release.

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