Men who suffer sensory loss are more likely to become obese than women

According to a study involving over 23,000 Spanish adults, men with sensory loss are more likely to suffer from obesity compared to women.

The study was released online in the European Journal of Public Health.

During the study, researchers at Anglia Ruskin University looked at the data of nearly twenty thousand adult participants who were physically inactive and suffered from obesity.

“We examined associations between physical inactivity and obesity in Spanish adults with vision and hearing difficulties and explored differences between men and women,” the study reads.

“A significant association between physical inactivity and obesity was observed in Spanish men with vision and hearing difficulties,” the study also determined. “Physical activity has an important role in the prevention of obesity in men with seeing and hearing difficulties. Active steps should be taken to encourage physical activity to reduce the risk of obesity in people with sensory impairments.”

The study was published on May 10th, 2021.

Image courtesy of depositphotos
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