Narcissism linked as a significant risk factor for aggression and violence

Researchers at Ohio State University released a thorough analysis involving 437 studies of narcissism.

According to the findings, narcissism is a significant risk factor for aggression and violence. The findings were released in Psychological Bulletin.

The link between narcissism and aggression occurred after analyzing the data of more than 120,000 participants.

Narcissism is defined by two components: grandiose and vulnerable, with physical and verbal aggression used to describe narcissism.

“Theoretically, these results indicate that provocation is a key moderator of the link between narcissism and aggression,” the authors of the study suggested.

“Individuals high in narcissism have “thin skins” and are prone to aggression when they are provoked. Practically, these results suggest that narcissism is an important risk factor for aggression and violence.”

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