Stress among adult students may be associated with ADHD symptoms

As part of a study released in the Journal of College Counseling, a team of researchers found that symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder were associated with higher levels of stress among college students.

558 students were recruited for the study, most of which were women.

“In our study of 558 college students (175 men, 383 women), we confirmed the hypothesis that the relationship between ADHD symptoms and perceived stress is mediated by protective factors associated with resilience,” according to the study.

“The relationships were not significantly moderated by sex. Implications for increasing resilience in college students and lowering perceived stress for college students are discussed.”

The results suggest that revamping social support may be beneficial for college students exhibiting ADHD symptoms.

“The present research suggests that increasing social support may also be helpful to students experiencing high levels of ADHD symptoms,” the findings concluded. “Future research is needed to assess the extent to which short‐term interventions can lead to increases in the protective factors of resilience and whether such interventions produce the reductions in stress that are suggested by our findings.”

Image courtesy of Flickr