Study unveils the devastation of the Trump administration’s policies on COVID-19

The devastation to the health of Americans that the former US president left behind, pertaining to COVID-19, was enormous in scale, according to a new report released by the Lancet.

According to the report, the 45th US president inflicted tremendous damage to the health of Americans, a devastating impact that was the result of decades of policy failures, exacerbated by his administration.

The death toll in the US from COVID-19 infections had been calculated to be approximately half a million, according to estimates, as of Q1 2021.

“Lancet Commission calls for immediate rollback of Trump’s health-harming policies and additional sweeping reforms to reverse the deteriorating health of the US population: ‘The path away from Trump’s politics of anger and despair cannot lead through past policies,'” the Lancet report reads.

The report highlights how failures during the Trump era left America in a state of vulnerability against the COVID-19 pandemic. The experts at the Lancet slammed the previous administration’s move to exit the World Health Organization and the defunding of the Pan American Health Organization.

“While the USA ranks highly in its global health security index, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how woefully inadequate the country’s health care and public health system has been in protecting the nation’s health,” the report also states.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exploited existing health and social inequalities and nowhere is this more apparent than in the USA. At moments of instability, the world needs a strong USA, bolstered by a healthy population, to lead a global response.”

The comprehensive assessment from the Lancet also argues the incidences of racial disparities, global warming, and taxational reforms associated with the Trump administration.

You can read the full report by clicking here.

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