Democrats are more likely to believe that partisanship will improve in 2021

More Democrats than Republicans are optimistic of future relations between both parties as the White House will soon transition into a new administration in 2021, a new survey finds.

The Pew Research Center, a US-based nonpartisan think tank, has released new numbers on the state of relations between both major political ideologies in the U.S.

According to the Pew survey, most Republicans will likely refrain from toning down their partisanship in 2021, as right-wing leadership is expected to clear out the oval office for the arrival of the new administration.

The findings showed that only seven percent of adult respondents surveyed believed that relations are to improve within the next year. Although 38 percent say political bickering will not suffice, the survey determined that the vast majority of respondents predict relations will deteriorate in 2021.

“The share of Americans who expect relations between Republicans and Democrats in Washington to improve, while low, has more than doubled – from 9% to 21% – since shortly after the 2018 midterm election, when Democrats gained a majority in the House of Representatives,” the survey also determined.

“Since then, the share of Democrats who anticipate improved partisan relations has increased 22 percentage points, from 13% to 35%, while remaining virtually unchanged among Republicans at 6%.”

With tensions at a near all-time high, given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all Americans are either partially or entirely concerned about the division occurring between the leadership of both major parties.

The division has resulted in an inability for pandemic-related economic relief to be passed with bipartisanship between the lower and upper chamber of the United States Congress; 2021 may follow suit.

“Majorities of both Republicans (74%) and Democrats (65%) say partisan divisions are increasing. Only about one-in-ten in both parties say they are decreasing, while 26% of Democrats and 20% of Republicans say they are staying about the same,” the survey concluded.

“While Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say partisan divisions are increasing, Democrats are more likely to be very concerned about partisan divides in the country.”

Image courtesy of Zach Gibson / Associated Press
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