Most people say climate change is as a serious concern as the spread of viral diseases

Most people around the world are as worried about climate change as the spread of viral diseases, like COVID-19, a new survey found.

As reported by Pew Research Center, a US-based nonpartisan think tank, many people in each of the various countries surveyed on both the Western and Eastern hemispheres, are nearly similarly concerned about both global issues posing a major threat to their country.

“Amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, people around the world are still concerned by the threat of global climate change,” the Pew Research report states.

“A median of 70% across 14 countries surveyed over the summer say climate change is a major threat to their country. A similar median, 69%, say the same of the spread of infectious diseases.”

Of the many people who said climate change poses a major threat, French respondents were the largest to support this notion, while Spanish, Italian, and South Korean respondents trailed in second, third, and fourth.

“The share who say climate change is a major threat in each country ranges from 59% in Australia to 83% in France, Spain and Italy. Two-thirds or more say the same in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Japan and South Korea,” the report determined.

For many nations, the perceived threat that climate change poses has surged over the last several years, according to the Pew Research data.

“In France, for example, about half (54%) said climate change was a major threat in 2013. In 2020, 83% say this, an increase of 29 percentage points. However, in nearly every country surveyed, there was no significant change between 2018, when the question was last asked, and 2020.”

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