America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic loathed on the world stage

On the world stage, America is perceived with relatively less than favorable assessments as a result of the country’s handling of the recent coronavirus pandemic, a new survey suggests.

As the 45th sitting president of the U.S., and arguably one of the most outspoken Republican figures in modern history, many nations loathed or are not in favor of the American leader’s coronavirus response.

According to Pew Research Center, the findings of a survey involving 13 nations demonstrate a sharp decline over the last 12 months, particularly near the time of which the first coronavirus outbreaks began unfolding.

In the survey, America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was viewed less favorably even when compared to China’s attempt to contain its deadly spread in the purported land where the virus originated.

In some countries, ratings for U.S. are at record low

Moreover, among the respondents from nations like Belgium and Germany, they showed the most distaste for both the U.S. and its leader in almost all regards in world affairs, almost mirroring George W. Bush’s critical reception at the conclusory span of his time in office.

“Ratings for U.S. President Donald Trump have been low in these nations throughout his presidency, and that trend continues this year,” the Pew Research report reads. “Trump’s most negative assessment is in Belgium, where only 9% say they have confidence in the U.S. president to do the right thing in world affairs. His highest rating is in Japan; still, just one-quarter of Japanese express confidence in Trump.”

The same respondents were also surveyed for their input on the confidence of some of the world’s top leaders. The 45th sitting U.S. president was viewed negatively alongside China and Russia’s leader, when polled against Germany, France, and Britain’s leader. The trio of leaders ruling the U.S., China, and Russia, collectively the most powerful men in their political spheres, received almost similar levels of distrust among the respondents, the survey claims.

Trump less trusted than leaders of Germany, France, UK, Russia and China

“The publics surveyed also see Trump more negatively than other world leaders. Among the six leaders included on the survey, Angela Merkel receives the highest marks: A median of 76% across the nations polled have confidence in the German chancellor. French President Emmanuel Macron also gets largely favorable reviews,” the survey showed.

“Views of Trump are more positive among Europeans who have favorable views of right-wing populist parties, though confidence is still relatively low among all groups,” the co-authors also concluded.

Pew Research Center is a US-based nonpartisan think tank devoted to public opinion polling, demographic analysis, and social science research.

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