A US-based study shows the state of gender bias and equal rights

The passing of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was a landmark moment, with a proposition to grant women the right to vote. Since its adoption by the U.S. Congress in the 1920s, the urgency to introduce and implement the ideals associated with Women’s rights has led to historical progress in eliminating bias and advocating societal cohesion.

In 2020, women account for a substantial number of billionaires, top executives, in capacities like CEO and Chairman, heads of state or government, and occupy the highest elected offices in the land of many leading nations.

In a new survey, conducted by the US-based think tank Pew Research Center, a research team asked more than 3,000 American adults for their input on the country’s current state of gender equality. Initiated between March and April of 2020, the majority of respondents believe that the country has not done enough to address equal rights.

Among the respondents who say the country still has a ton to overcome on gender equality, lack of women in leadership roles, diverse societal expectations and legal rights for men and women, and sexual harassment, are the primary obstacles inhibiting changes.

“Many of those who say it is important for men and women to have equal rights point to aspects of the workplace when asked about what gender equality would look like,” the Pew Research findings say.

“Fully 45% volunteer that a society where women have equal rights with men would include equal pay. An additional 19% say there would be no discrimination in hiring, promotion or educational opportunities.”

In the survey, respondents also shared their opinion on how effective feminist movements are, in which 70 percent support the work done to advance the rights of women. A considerable amount of Republicans support the advancement of women’s rights, while a very significant amount of Democrats, on the other end, are in line with such beliefs.

“About three-in-ten (29%) say President Donald Trump has done at least a fair amount to advance women’s rights,” the survey found.

“These views vary considerably by party, with Republicans and Republican leaners at least five times as likely as Democrats and those who lean Democratic to say the GOP and Trump have done at least a fair amount and Democrats far more likely than Republicans to say the same about the Democratic Party.”

“The vast majority of Americans across demographic and partisan groups agree that women should have equal rights with men. More than nine-in-ten U.S. adults say it is very important (79%) or somewhat important (18%) for women to have equal rights with men in this country. Just 3% of Americans say gender equality is not too or not at all important,” the Pew Research co-authors concluded.

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