Most Americans dislike both presumptive nominees in the 2020 election race

A couple of months before the start of the 2020 general election, many American voters are left feeling discontented with the country’s current stance and the presumptive nominees on both political sides, a recent survey suggests.

According to Pew Research Center, a US-based nonpartisan think tank, the majority of respondents in their survey shared dislike toward both the Republican and Democratic presumptive nominee this general election cycle.

As part of a series of questions asked about the favorability of both presumptive nominees, the majority of respondents viewed the Republican and Democratic contenders as potentially terrible leaders for the next term.

In the findings, 53 percent of voters in the survey expressed unfavorable views toward the 45th President of the United States, while 43 percent, or most of the respondents, also shared unfavorable views toward the former Vice President.

In the survey, just 19 percent of respondents stated that the 45th sitting president would be a great leader for America in a second term, while only 6 percent could say the same about the Democratic presumptive nominee.

Few voters say Trump is an ‘average’ president; far more describe Biden’s possible presidency that way

Moreover, voters were also asked to describe each candidate, in which the Republic presumptive nominee was praised for being energetic and courageous. The Democratic presumptive nominee was described as honest and even-tempered, two traits positively correlated with favorability.

“Biden gets his most positive rating for his temperament: 60% of registered voters describe him as even-tempered, more than twice the share who describe Trump this way,” the Pew Research findings state.

“Yet Biden has a notable weakness. Just 40% of voters describe him as energetic – his lowest rating among the six traits included on the survey.”

Biden’s strengths: even-tempered, good role model, empathetic, honest; Trump widely viewed as energetic

When asked about the country’s current stance, the respondents described being very dissatisfied, particularly given the circumstances regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic and demonstrations associated with racial disparities. The majority of respondents say they feel anger and fear with the state of the nation, with only a small portion of participants reported feeling proud of their country.

“With less than five months until the 2020 elections, Americans are deeply unhappy with the state of the nation,” the survey’s findings showed.

“As the United States simultaneously struggles with a pandemic, an economic recession and protests about police violence and racial justice, the share of the public saying they are satisfied with the way things are going in the country has plummeted from 31% in April, during the early weeks of the coronavirus outbreak, to just 12% today,” the survey concluded.

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