The increased concern of climate change more prevalent among Democrats, survey suggests

With many landmark areas reaching its melting point in recent decades, like the Lendbreen Ice Patch, global climate change has made its way more into political spheres as a perceived major threat to the environment and humanity.

But while the topic of climate change may be in par with the reality of some, others may have more intuitive-like rationale for the recent environmental changes taking shape in the arctic regions of the world.

According to a survey, released online by Pew Research Center, Americans are more likely to view climate change as a major threat to the well-being of their nation when synchronized with the principles of Democrats.

The survey racked up data from a number of U.S. adult participants throughout March of 2020.

As detailed in the findings, nearly nine-in-ten respondents who considered climate change a major threat to the nation were advocates of the Democratic party. Independent affiliates were included in that calculation, among those who leaned more to the left.

“Concern about climate change has increased among both liberal Democrats and moderate or conservative Democrats (rising 20 and 27 points, respectively),” the findings showed. “Opinions among Republicans on this issue remain largely unchanged.”

With Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, only three-in-ten, or 31%, regarded climate change as a major threat, with 24% labeling it as a non-existent threat to the nation.

“By contrast, the 6 percentage point increase among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents since 2009 is not statistically significant,” the findings state. “In the new survey, about three-in-ten Republicans (31%) consider climate change a major threat, while 45% say it is a minor threat and 24% say it is not a threat to the nation.”

More Americans say climate change is a major threat than did so in 2009, but the increased concern is concentrated among Democrats

Pew Research Center is a US-based nonpartisan think tank devoted to public opinion polling, demographic analysis, and social science research.

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