A recent survey explores what Americans think of their current president’s traits and behaviors

Based on a recent survey, conducted by Pew Research Center, Americans have mixed feelings of the current, 45th President of the United States, with many advocating his presence in federal office, and others refuting his actions.

According to the research team, from February 4th through the 15th, more than 6,300 adult participants gave their input of what constitutes ongoing partisan divisions and irrational consensus on key issues facing the nation.

Of the current U.S. leader’s actions, the majority of advocators, or 80 percent of the Republican party, are in accordance with all standpoints on major issues, the survey suggests.

“Republicans are largely in sync with the president on major issues: 80% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they agree with Trump on many or nearly all important issues facing the country,” the findings state. “Yet only 31% of Republican and Republican leaners say they like the way Trump conducts himself as president; 50% say they have mixed feelings and 16% say they don’t like his conduct.”

Among the current leader’s political party, 80 percent approve of measures directed by the leader, while 64 percent strongly approve. The same can’t be said of the opposing political party, with Democrats exhibiting mostly critical views of the current leader’s actions.

“85% of Democrats and Democratic leaners say they don’t like the way he conducts himself as president, while 12% have mixed feelings and just 1% like Trump’s personal conduct. Only 10% of Democrats agree with Trump on many or nearly all issues,” researchers noted.

Republicans widely view Trump as a fighter, but also self-centered

In the findings, researchers also found that the majority of Americans in the survey sample viewed the current leader as intelligent, prejudiced, honest, morally upstanding, even-tempered, but most prevalently of all, self-centered  — a hallmark trait characteristic of many autocratic world leaders.

“The public is broadly critical of Trump in assessing a number of his specific traits and characteristics. A sizable majority of Americans (80%) say the phrase “self-centered” describes him very or fairly well, while 59% view him as prejudiced,” the findings mentioned.

“Among positive traits, half say Trump is very or fairly well described as intelligent, while nearly as many (47%) say he “fights for what I believe in.” Only about a third each say Trump is honest (36%) and morally upstanding (32%).”

Image courtesy of Doug Mills
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