How the dSlo2 channel may play a role in lessening epileptic seizures

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience demonstrated how the dSlo2 channel could play a role in reducing epileptic seizures.

Led by researchers at Colorado State University, a first-of-its-kind study investigated the role of the dSlo2 channel in reducing the hyperactivity of seizures.

“Here, we examine KNa channels encoded by the Drosophila Slo2 (dSlo2) gene in males and females,” according to the authors.

“We test this hypothesis in vivo by examining how a null mutation of the Drosophila Slo2 (dSlo2)/KNa gene affects seizure-like behavior in genetic and pharmacological models of epilepsy,” the authors also stated in the journal article.

The study showed how a loss of dSlo2/KNa channels can result in increased incidence and severity of induced seizures.

“Our results advance our understanding of neuronal excitability and protective mechanisms that preserve normal physiology and the suppression of seizure susceptibility,” the authors determined.

Photo: iStockPhoto