New study shows psychedelic microdosing is effective for alleviating mental health problems

In yet another study examining the effects of small doses of psychedelics, a research team at the University of British Columbia uncovered beneficial effects for numerous mental health problems.

As highlighted in Nature’s Scientific Reports, consumption of psychedelics purported increased well-being, as well as reduced anxiety and depression among a number of the 8,500 participants studied.

“The present study describes microdosing practices, motivations and mental health among a sample of self-selected microdosers (n = 4050) and non-microdosers (n = 4653) via a mobile application,” the study states.

“Among individuals reporting mental health concerns, microdosers exhibited lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress across gender,” the authors of the study uncovered.

“Health and wellness-related motives were the most prominent motives across microdosers in general, and were more prominent among females and among individuals who reported mental health concerns.”

All in all, the results of the study point to benefits for the mental health and wellness of microdosers.

“Our results indicate health and wellness motives and perceived mental health benefits among microdosers, and highlight the need for further research into the mental health consequences of microdosing including studies with rigorous longitudinal designs.”

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