Firm belief in astrology associated with less intelligence and heightened narcissism

A group of researchers at Lund University conducted an online survey questionnaire and uncovered that people who hold firm beliefs about astrology were of less intelligence and narcissistic.

As featured in Personality and Individual Differences, researchers developed an online-based questionnaire for assessing personality traits, incorporating a brief IQ test among 264 adult participants.

Four instruments used included Belief in Astrology, the Big Five personality traits, narcissism, and intelligence.

The results from the brief IQ test showed that the participants with firm beliefs in astrology had higher than average measurements in narcissism, while intelligence scores were low.

“Data analysis was done with multiple linear regression,” the findings say.

“Narcissism was surprisingly the strongest predictor, and intelligence showed a negative relationship with belief in astrology.”

“Overall, our novel results suggest that something as innocent as astrology could both attract and possibly reinforce individual differences.”