People diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are at a higher risk of suicide

A group of experts used numerous databases to investigate the association between autism spectrum disorder and a higher rate of suicidality.

According to their study in JAMA, it was determined that children and adults with autism spectrum disorder were more likely to experience suicidal behavior.

For the study, researchers looked through databases such as PubMed, Embase, and PsycINFO to identify studies related to autism and suicidality.

31 studies were eligible for study, 16 of which were conducted in children, 13 in adults, and 2 among both.

What researchers found: “This study found that ASD was associated with a substantial increase in odds of self-injurious behavior and suicidality in children and adults.”

“Further research is needed to examine the role of primary care screenings, increased access to preventive mental health services, and lethal means counseling in reducing self-harm in this population,” the research group concluded.

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