Instant marijuana use detector using saliva samples in the works

The Breathalyzer revolutionized the detection of alcohol use. Now, the gold standard for detecting marijuana use may have inched closer.

According to a newly published study in Science Translational Medicine, researchers associated with Massachusetts General Hospital developed a test for detecting tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) within saliva samples following marijuana consumption.

The research’s initial experimentation involving 43 marijuana users and 43 drug-free users led to relatively accurate readings of THC in saliva samples from all drug users, according to the findings.

From the study: “To enable on-site THC quantification in minutes, we developed a rapid assay for oral THC analysis called EPOCH (express probe for on-site cannabis inhalation).”

“EPOCH features distinctive sensor design such as a radial membrane and transmission optics, all contained in a compact cartridge.”

“Longitudinal monitoring showed a fast drop in THC concentrations within the first 6 hours of cannabis smoking (half-life, 1.4 hours),” researchers claimed in their findings.

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