Study examines new approach to detecting type 1 diabetes using a single blood draw

As part of a study in Diabetologia, researchers analyzed the data of four distinct studies of patients in the first and second stages of type 1 diabetes.

The participants were between the ages of 2 and 45. The oral glucose tolerance tests of more than 3,000 people were assessed.

According to the findings: “Our aim was to develop and validate a simpler tool based on a single blood draw.”

“Prediction models based on a single oral glucose tolerance test blood draw accurately predict disease progression from stage 1 or 2 to stage 3 type 1 diabetes,” the findings determined.

“The operational simplicity of M120, its validity across different at-risk populations and the requirement for 120 min sampling to stage type 1 diabetes suggest M120 could be readily applied to decrease the cost and complexity of risk stratification.”

The study was published online in August of 2021.

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto