Study suggests brain memory signals linked to blood sugar levels

Researchers found that brain signals associated with memory formation might be linked to blood sugar levels.

The findings were publicized online in Nature.

From the study: “We simultaneously measured electrophysiological activity from the hippocampus and interstitial glucose concentrations in the body of freely behaving rats to identify an activity pattern that may link these disparate functions of the hippocampus.”

“Here we report that clusters of sharp wave-ripples recorded from the hippocampus reliably predicted a decrease in peripheral glucose concentrations within about 10 min,” the study also states.

The study showed how clusters of brain cells firing in the hippocampus might play a role in regulating metabolism.

“Our findings demonstrate that a function of the sharp wave-ripple is to modulate peripheral glucose homeostasis, and offer a mechanism for the link between sleep disruption and blood glucose dysregulation in type 2 diabetes,” the study concluded.

Image courtesy of Getty Images
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