High-ranking military personnel are more likely than lower ranks to find quality jobs in civilian life

Higher ranking military personnel are more likely than lower ranks to find high-quality civilian work, according to an online study by the British Sociological Association.

The study consisted of the examination of research data on 203 former military personnel from the U.S. armed forces in late adulthood. Of  203, about 47 obtained a high rank when serving in the armed forces.

According to the findings, people who obtained senior ranks were 38 percent more likely to be content with their civilian employment compared to other ranks.

“Long-serving military personnel are often viewed as being overly regimented and lacking adaptability, and it is commonly assumed that these factors make it harder for long-serving officers to successfully navigate the military-to-civilian career transition and ultimately find a satisfying civilian job,” said one of the study’s authors in a press release.

“But my analysis does not support the negative association between military achievement of long-serving military personnel and the job satisfaction of civilian employment.”

The findings were presented on August 25, 2021.

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