E-cigarettes could be more beneficial than nicotine replacement treatment for smokers

Compared to nicotine replacement treatments, e-cigarettes could be more beneficial in reducing the smoking habit, new research claims.

First reported in the peer-reviewed journal Addiction by researchers at the Queen Mary University of London, the reduction in traditional cigarette smoking occurred after examining 135 frequent smokers.

Some of the participants received an eight-week supply of nicotine replacement treatment (NRT). “Participants received either NRT of their choice (8 week supply), or an EC starter pack and instructions to purchase further e-liquids of strength and flavours of their choice themselves. Products were accompanied by minimal behavioural support,” according to the study.

The results of the study led to the conclusion that traditional cigarette consumption was reduced by at least 50% six months after the initial assessment.

“The primary outcome was biochemically validated reduction in smoke intake of at least 50% at 6 months and the main secondary outcome was sustained validated abstinence at 6 months. Drop-outs were included as non-reducers,” the study found.

“In smokers unable to quit using conventional methods, e-cigarettes were more effective than nicotine replacement therapy in facilitating validated long-term smoking reduction and smoking cessation, when limited other support was provided.”

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