Many American adults who consume e-cigarettes would like to cease smoking

Many adults in the United States are considering ceasing the smoking habit despite their consumption of e-cigarettes, a new study released in JAMA Network Open finds.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of South Carolina.

As part of the study, over 30,000 American adults were analyzed as part of longitudinal survey data collected through the country.

Among the participants considering ceasing the habit the most were former traditional cigarette smokers, according to the findings.

“What’s interesting about the people who keep using e-cigarettes after they’ve quit smoking is that we don’t really see that effect with other types of nicotine replacement drugs,” a news release of the findings read.

“It’s rare to see someone still using a nicotine patch or nicotine gum months or years after they’ve quit smoking, so there’s something special about e-cigarettes, even though they’re delivering the same drug.”

“E-cigarettes are addictive and are not 100% safe. If you’re considering vaping as a method to quit smoking, consider some of the risks and benefits, and be aware that many people continue to vape after they quit smoking,” the news release affirms.

Image courtesy of WTOP
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