New research focused on epigenetics to treat alcohol use disorders

In the journal Current Pharmaceutical Design, a team of researchers explored epigenetics as a means of developing ways to treat alcohol use disorders.

The study examined previously released research involving epigenetic mechanisms and alcoholism.

The research arose at a time when millions of death annually are attributed to alcoholism, according to reports by intergovernmental entities.

According to researchers: “Recent findings in the field of epigenetics are essential and offer new windows for observation and research.”

“The study of small molecules that inhibit key epienzymes involved in nucleosome architecture dynamics is necessary in order to prove their action and specificity in the laboratory and to test their effectivity and safety in clinical trials with selected patients bearing defined alterations caused by ethanol,” the findings stated.

“The search for the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms behind the intricated dysregulation induced by ethanol will aid researchers in establishing new therapy approaches.”

The study was conducted by Francisco D. Rodriguez.

Image courtesy of Getty Images
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