Study finds link between Alzheimer’s gene and COVID-19

A discovery unveiled in Cell Stem Cell shows a potential link between an Alzheimer’s gene and COVID-19.

According to a research team based in California, ApoE4, a gene associated with Alzheimer’s pathology, was also found in people with a higher susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2.

From the study: “The ApoE4 neurons and astrocytes both showed a higher susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection in comparison to the neutral ApoE3 neurons and astrocytes.”

“Moreover, while the virus caused damage to both ApoE3 and ApoE4 neurons, it appeared to have a slightly more severe effect on ApoE4 neurons and a much more severe effect on ApoE4 astrocytes compared to ApoE3 neurons and astrocytes,” the study also states.

While the study requires further research, it can be determined that patients with Alzheimer’s disease may be at an increased risk for infection associated with COVID-19.

The study was funded by several foundations and organizations, including the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the National Institute of Aging of the National Institutes of Health.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock
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