Severe cognitive impairment from pediatric stroke more likely among low-income families

Newly released findings displayed in the journal Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology has shown that children who suffer a stroke are more likely to experience long-term cognitive impairment if raised in low-income families.

The study was conducted at the Medical University of Vienna.

18 children, most of whom were males, participated in an investigation to figure out if socioeconomic status (SES) was a predictor for cognitive outcome after a pediatric stroke.

According to researchers: “Our study shows that more attention needs to be given to the treatment of children from educationally deprived, low-income families.”

Researchers determined that SES has a considerable effect on the cognitive outcome, affecting perceptual reasoning, executive functions, language, and memory.

Based on the findings, it could be affirmed that socioeconomic status could be a stronger predictor of cognitive outcomes for pediatric strokes than clinical factors.

“The findings of the present study further point to the need for more attention to the treatment of children with low SES.”

Image courtesy of Johns Hopkins