Researchers uncover new form of drug for the treatment of osteoporosis

As published in Biophysical Journal, researchers at Purdue University tested a new form of drug able to effectively treat osteoporosis and other calcium-related conditions in patients.

A form of human calcitonin, the new research resulted in a purportedly more effective type of peptide hormone, increasing bone mass.

Phosphorylation of specific amino acid residues by researchers decreased fibrillation propensity and raised the effects of human calcitonin.

From the findings: “The technology can help make these calcitonin drugs safer and more effective. Our approach will increase the therapeutic potential of human calcitonin, promising a more effective option to replace salmon calcitonin for osteoporosis and related disorders.”

“This technology provides a way to stabilize them in a reversible way so that the stabilizing modification comes off when the drug is given to the patient,” the authors concluded in their study.

The Purdue Research Foundation contributed to the study.

Image courtesy of iStockPhoto
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