Indoor plants associated with positive emotional well-being during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

Indoor plants have a positive influence on the psychological well-being of people who adhered to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, new research in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening has found.

For the study, a questionnaire was administered to more than 4,000 participants by researchers at the University of Seville.

The questionnaire aimed at gathering input into the impact of indoor and outdoor plants on the psychological well-being of the selected participants during the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the findings, indoor plants had a higher correlation with positive psychological well-being, while negative emotions were more likely in houses with less natural lighting and indoor plants.

“The present study evaluated the role of having plants at home during the confinement period as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that deprived people of freely visiting open green spaces,” the authors of the study determined in their article.

“Having indoor plants was correlated with more positive emotions, and confined inhabitants allocated more time for plant maintenance.”

Image courtesy of Getty Images
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