Women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety

A public health researcher has brought on the assertion in a new study that women are more often diagnosed with depression and anxiety than men, with a more substantial intake of psychotropic drugs as well. The study appeared in the journal Gaceta Sanitaria.

“Women’s worse mental health has been shown using both health survey and clinical-based data,” according to the study’s authors.

“The article shows that gender inequalities in mental health, the intersection of different axes of inequality, and the existence of a possible process of medicalization of women’s mental health, by which health professionals are labeling women more frequently as depressed and anxious given similar mental health status in men and women,” their news release reads.

” Given that the phenomenon of medicalization is complex, it is necessary to act and promote changes at political-structural, cultural and health care levels that ultimately reverse gender inequalities in societies and promote non gender-biased healthcare,” the authors also wrote.

The study, published by Spanish first author Amaia Bacigalupe and her colleagues, was published in Volume 34 of the publication.

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