Excessive smartphone usage may not be so bad for one’s mental health

A new study is providing a different standpoint of excessive smartphone usage and its impact on mental health.

According to research published in the journal Technology, Mind, and Behavior, smartphone use is not directly associated with poor mental health.

The study evaluated the duration of cellular activity of close to 200 iPhone and more than 40 Android users during a span of one week. Thereafter, the participants were instructed to give their input of any mental or physical health adversities during the span of those several days.

The participants were asked to complete a particular scale, measuring the extent to which their smartphone usage generated problematic complications.

The findings showed that mental health was linked to concerns exhibited by the participants regarding their own smartphone usage, but no direct association with poor mental health.

From the study: “Mobile technologies have become even more essential for work and day-to-day life during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The study also reads: “Our results add to a growing body of research that suggests reducing general screen time will not make people happier. Instead of pushing the benefits of digital detox, our research suggests people would benefit from measures to address the worries and fears that have grown up around time spent using phones.”

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