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Women are more misogynistic than men on Twitter, study found



Photo: Pixabay

According to a new study, initiated by social intelligence company Brandwatch, 52 percent of misogynistic tweets were written by women, while the other 48% turned out to be men.

The study was the result of an anti-bullying charity which utilized automated and manual data analysis tools to document data from almost 19 million public tweets.

Of those whopping 19 million tweets, trending topics buzzing in social media such as “misogyny” and “masculinity” were analyzed by researchers.


Credit: Brandwatch

As you can see in the graph above, misogynistic insults came extremely close to the discussion about the topic, separating the margin by one percent.

The study, interesting enough, also revealed that women were more likely to use defamatory words such as “bitch” and “cow.” Those words are what researchers observed the most.

Ed Crook, the lead researcher of the study, gave the following statement to tech blog Mashable.

“We don’t want the research to be as vilifying women. That goes against objectives of the study. We are not pointing at women and saying they are misogynists.”

Crook believes that misogynistic speech is starting to become more common among both genders alike, as the study concluded.

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