How a healthy diet that reduces inflammation may also lower the risk of gestational diabetes

As part of a study conducted by Finnish researchers at the University of Turku, it was determined that a healthy diet that leads to a reduction in bodily inflammation may also diminish the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus.

The study was the subject of an examination of 351 overweight or obese women with gestational diabetes, in which their dietary intake patterns were assessed.

During the research. a specific emphasis was placed on assessing the participants’ healthy or unhealthy dietary pattern.

“This study was designed to investigate the contribution of diet in developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in a comprehensive way,” said Lotta Pajunen and her colleagues in their journal report.

“The dietary intake of overweight or obese women, a risk group for GDM, was assessed using 3-day food diaries and diet quality questionnaires in early pregnancy. Eating frequency and nutrient intakes were calculated, and dietary patterns identified using principal component analysis.”

Among the participants studied, the ones that adhered to healthier dietary patterns, of which involved vegetables and rye bread, were at a lower risk of gestational diabetes.

“The results emphasize the importance of an overall healthy diet and limitation of foods with saturated fatty acids (SFAs), and other nutrients with a high inflammatory potential in reducing the risk of GDM.”

Photo: Getty Images