Spending time in nature may enhance well-being in young people

As part of a new study released in the journal BMC Public Health, researchers at the University of Michigan showed how spending time in nature may promote well-being in young people.

In the study, more than 1,100 participants were polled to assess their belief in the effects of nature.

“This study aimed to assess youth experiences with nature and the self-perceived impact on their mental and physical health among a nationwide sample of US youth,” the findings stated.

“In September 2020, five open-ended questions that aimed to assess perceptions regarding nature were posed to 1174 MyVoice youth, aged 14–24 years. Qualitative responses were analyzed using thematic analysis, and data were summarized using descriptive statistics.”

Based on the findings, the majority of the participants reported positive impacts on their mental health from spending time in nature.

“52% mentioned that it made them feel calm when out in nature, 22% said that it relieved stress or reduced anxiety and 17% felt that being in nature positively impacted their physical health and makes them feel more active and in shape,” the findings also stated.

“We feel this information would be imperative in informing community-level policies and interventions that aim to support youth mental and physical health,” said one author of the study in a news release.

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