Study of marijuana use uncovers some potential effects on cognitive health

Released in the journal Scientific Reports, a team of researchers conducted a study using the tech application Zoom and concluded that marijuana use may induce some potential cognitive effects.

According to researchers at Washington State University, 80 participants were recruited and split into four groups, two groups exposed to cannabidiol (CBD) and the other two without CBD.

“The goal of this study was to examine the acute effects of high-potency cannabis on cognition using a novel methodology,” the study states.

“We further sought to compare cognitive effects of high-potency cannabis flower with and without cannabidiol (CBD), as well as cannabis concentrates to cannabis flower.”

“High-potency cannabis flower with CBD impaired free recall, high-potency flower without CBD and concentrates had detrimental effects on source memory, and all three products increased susceptibility to false memories. CBD did not offset impairments and concentrates were self-titrated producing comparable intoxication and impairment as flower,” the study concluded.

The study was authored by Carrie Cuttler, Emily LaFrance, and Amanda Stueber.

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