New research shows increased women political leadership associated with significant societal benefits

A recent report released by King’s College London details the importance of implementing more female leadership in politics.

The report is based on the analysis of more than 500 bodies of research that has delved into the impacts of women leaders and politics.

From the analysis, it was concluded that the addition of more women in political leadership led to significant benefits for all of society.

According to researchers, female policymakers are more likely than their counterparts to prioritize key issues facing many nations, such as education, welfare, and healthcare. One of the reasons for this may be because women are often responsible for caring for others and also tend to have higher emotional intelligence, the study suggests.

Additionally, increased female leadership could substantially eliminate corruption, human rights abuses, and acts of war between conflicting nations, researchers found.

“Together, these factors represent the key ingredients to drive economies, ensure stability and improve quality of life,” researchers stated in a news release.

“Yet, the report shows, there are still significant barriers to women’s equality of participation in politics and public life. Predominantly: money, violence and cultural norms.”

“This is a unique and important piece of work that makes an unequivocal case for the multitude of ways that politics, governance, economies and societies thrive when women take their place as leaders,” researchers concluded in their news release.

The report, titled Women political leaders: the impact of gender on democracy, was put together by the Global Institute For Women’s Leadership.

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