How To Cite A Book In APA

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In the distant past, scholars wanting to cite a book did so very differently than in modern days. Over the last decade, the shift in digitalized technology has enabled a drastic surge in e-books, audiobooks, and online-based books.

Given the variety of formats at your disposal, properly citing a book can be a bit tricky. Here, we show how to cite a book in APA format and share an array of useful resources and tools to improve the task or paper you are working on.

A Brief History of APA Style Writing

The form of writing, known as APA style, can be traced back to 1929. During the pre-World War II era, psychologists, along with scholars in other fields, constructed a set of strict writing rules and procedures to make scientific comprehension easier for all. The writing style was named after the American Psychological Association.

Today, APA formatting is primarily taught and implemented within all of the social sciences, in addition to other scientific and business disciplines. Its use is detrimental to maintaining organization and order in academic publications.

The Fundamentals Of The APA Format

Whether you are a student, instructor, or just an active reader of scholarly work, then you’ve likely noticed a structural pattern of how academic papers in APA format are crafted.

In APA style writing, papers are generally classified into four major sections: a title, an abstract, the main body, and the references. In this discussion, we will address the references section of an APA-style paper.

How To Cite A Book In APA Format

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are a variety of ways to cite your book of choice in APA format, varying by the type of publication: traditional books, e-books, audiobooks, among other forms of books.

In APA style, citations from books always include the name of the author, the year of publication, title, and publisher.

The author’s name should be written with the last name first, followed by the first name initial. The year of publication should be placed within parentheses. The title of the book should be italicized. And the chapter or edition of the book belongs inside parentheses.

Please refer to the following examples of APA format:

Last name, Initials. (Year of publication). Title of the book you’d like to cite in APA. (Contributor initials, last name, role.) (Edition). Location of publication: Name of publisher.

Smith, A. (1990). Writing Tips: How To Cite A Book In APA Format. (1st edition). Washington, D.C., United States: Book Publishing Inc.

In the paper, when writing content that is not associated with the title of the book or the references, the following format should be utilized as an in-text citation.

(Last name, Year of publication, chapter or section of the book)

(Smith, 1990, p. 27)

How To Cite An E-Book

When citing an e-book, e-reader, or digitally-based book, the format is similar but requires distinct elements of the book from the world wide web.

For an e-book, the process of APA format is as follows: Your last name, followed by initials. The year of the book’s publication is placed within parentheses. The title of the book is written in italics. A URL or DOI is added at the end, indicating where the source was retrieved from.

Please refer to the following examples of APA format:

Last name, Initials. (Year of publication). Title of book [ebook format details]. Retrieved from URL or

Smith, A. (1990). Writing Tips: How To Cite A Book In APA Format [Kindle version]. Retrieved from

APA Citation Converters

Are you still struggling to write the format of the book or finalizing your paper in a hurry? Any of these free online citation websites will properly format the book and ensure you meet the deadline on time.

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