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Twitter purges abusive far-right accounts from its platform

The tech giant has begun its purge of far-right abusive accounts.




On Monday, Twitter announced the beginning of a purge targetting hateful and abusive content on its platform, which includes far-right groups.

According to a new blog announcement: “Today, we will start enforcing updates to the Twitter Rules announced last month to reduce hateful and abusive content on Twitter. Through our policy development process, we’ve taken a collaborative approach to develop and implement these changes, including working in close coordination with experts on our Trust and Safety Council.”

The new rules, effective as of today, were implemented to reduce threats of violence against others in form of physical harm, disease, or death. Accounts affiliated with hateful groups that glorify violence, whether on or off their platform, are at risk of suspension by staff members.

The new guidelines for safety, however, do not apply to government or military entities, according to Twitter’s blog post.

“This policy does not apply to military or government entities and we will consider exceptions for groups that are currently engaging in (or have engaged in) peaceful resolution.”

With the new rules in place, the tech giant hopes to reduce abusive behavior including harassment, intimidation, and the utilization of fear to silence others.

Soon after the blog announcement was posted, notable neo-nazi sympathizers began receiving notices of suspension, including a far-right group, Britain First, and a few of its leaders.

Expect more changes to arrive in the coming weeks, says Twitter.

“We’ll evaluate and iterate on these changes in the coming days and weeks, and will keep you posted on progress along the way.”


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