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Sexpionage: Into The World of Intel Blackmailing



In January 2017, Saturday Night Live released a skit showing Russian President Vladimir Putin blackmailing Donald Trump over a weird fetish-sexual encounter with Russian prostitutes in Moscow.

The video went viral and sparked the online trend ‘pee-pee-gate.’

As many laughed, others became curious as to whether or not the scenario portrayed in the skit was real.

Sexual activity used to elicit information and then blackmail that person into spying is called “Sexpionage” — and the strategy originates from the KGB.

Is Trump compromised by Putin?

How It Works

In sexpionage, there are two types of collaborators: the Raven (male) and the Swallow (female).

During the Cold War, individuals who worked as a Raven or Swallow had prodigious seduction skills, enough to get someone in bed, elicit classified information, and then compromise them.

A prime example of a swallow was a gorgeous woman given the code-name ‘Cynthia.’ Cynthia, or Amy Thorpe Pack, volunteered for MI6 and was able to seduce a Polish Foreign Ministry official, retrieving plans regarding Stalin and Hitler.

A lust for danger and excitement is what motivated Cynthia.

In the end, after numerous operations, Cynthia retired from espionage and ended up falling in love with one of the people she seduced.

Don Juan of The Nile, an Egyptian Raven, used his seduction skills to get classified information out of a Secretary at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv. Thereafter he was promoted and built a strong career in sexpionage.

Homosexuality & Fake Affairs

During the Cold War, there were cases of homosexual sexpionage utilized by the Soviets, in which discrimination was employed to blackmail them into submission.

There was also fake affairs initiated to start scandals. For example, someone produced a pornographic film of the President of Indonesia; it was later known that the scandal was created by the CIA.

Sexpionage: Present Day

In several movies, including James Bond, Austin Powers, and the Interview, you will hear sexpionage terminology.

But getting back to that SNL skit, was Donald Trump blackmailed by an intelligence agency, perhaps a foreign one by Russia? Or was it all a hoax?

It isn’t publicly known if sexpionage still occurs. So for the time being, let’s just hope our Commander in Chief isn’t being compromised.

Jose Florez is the founder and editor of Mental Daily. His work has appeared in Psychology Today, Glamour, HuffPost, among others. He is a mental health advocate, and currently studying psychology.

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