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Self-Harm Posts Allowed On Facebook – Leak



The British newspaper The Guardian has published leaked documents in accordance to Facebook’s policy on self-harm posts.

According to The Guardian, moderators of the social networking giant were instructed to allow posts labeled as self-harm because it “doesn’t want to punish people in distress.”

Dubbed as the ‘Facebook Files,’ the hundreds of leaked docs also highlights other type of content including racism, pornography, and terrorism.

Experts have told us what’s best for these people’s safety is to let them livestream as long as they are engaging with viewers,” one of the docs reads.

Moreover, in an effort to eliminate copycats, as suicidal behavior is often influential, Facebook removes videos related to suicide except those that are newsworthy to raise awareness.

“Moderators are instructed to “delete all videos depicting suicide unless they are newsworthy, even when these videos are shared by someone other than the victim to raise awareness.”

However, Facebook live, a livestream video platform, has been tied to numerous high-profile scandals after failing to crackdown on posts associated with violence, murder and rape.

As a result, in April 2017, Facebook announced the addition of 3,000 employees to monitor live videos for violence and self-harm.

And in regards to the leaked docs, Facebook has yet to respond to the controversial guidelines on self-harm.

Jose Florez is the founder and editor of Mental Daily. His work has appeared in Psychology Today, Glamour, HuffPost, among others. He is a mental health advocate, and currently studying psychology.

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