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Here are the signs your boss is a psychopath



Ever felt invisible to your boss at work? If so, then odds are your boss is probably a psychopath.

According to the Daily Mail, Australian Psychologist Meredith Fuller is sending out warning signs of psychopathic traits in the workplace, in which, based on research data, one in five executives carry these features, ultimately enabling them to progress further in their career.

“These are ruthless go-getters who bosses can send into an environment and be sure they will deliver results,” Fuller suggested.

In Australia, like the US and other countries, executives with psychopathic tendencies in the corporate world is on the increase.

For those who are unfamiliar with psychopathic traits, it includes the following.

  • Attention-seeking behavior
  • Superficial charm
  • Lack of empathy
  • Bullying tactics
  • Willingness to manipulate others
  • Immoral thinking
  • Hungry for success, money, power
  • Impulsivity

Fuller, who wrote a book on this topic called Working with Bitches, found that having a psychopathic boss meant expecting nothing in return after long hard work and only contributing to their success.

“You need to understand that your role is to make them look good, don’t expect compliments; don’t wait for thanks or praise. You are invisible to them,” said Fuller.

So, what can be done if you find yourself working for a psychopathic boss? Easy: pack your stuff and go! Experts agree that it’s best to try and recognize the traits of narcissism and plan your escape in order to avoid being dominated in the workplace.

“It is impossible to sustain working for this kind of personality type for very long without becoming exhausted from having to protect yourself by being hyper-vigilant. It always ends badly.”

Psychopaths usually seek positions of power such as CEO, lawyer, surgeon, and even politician, based on prior research. This personality disorder is rare and affects about 1 percent of the general population.


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