WikiLeaks Dumps Trove Of CIA Cyberhacking Documents


WikiLeaks, the non-profit organization, founded by Julian Assange, has dumped a wealth of documents surrounding the CIA’s espionage efforts in cyberspace.

According to the latest release, part of Vault 7, the CIA is fully capable of hacking and recording traditional tech products such as smart TVs, phones, tablets, and even vehicles with remote GPS features.

In the leak, 7,818 web pages and 943 attachments were included in what might be the largest leak of CIA documents yet.

In one of the claims, the CIA were able to successfully hack into social media and communication platforms like Whatsapp, where, in one case, a private conversation was intercepted even before encryption was applied.

However, according to the official website of WhatsApp, contradictory statements appears.

“Your messages are secured with a lock, and only the recipient and you have the special key needed to unlock and read your message.”

Furthermore, WikiLeaks also claims that the division responsible for the CIA’s hacking arsenal, dubbed ‘zero days’ in the leaks, is the EDG, short for Engineering Development Group. The EDG is under the umbrella of the CCI, Center for Cyber buy modafinil wholesale Intelligence, the leaks claim.

Smart TVs

The CIA, with the help of the EDG, has developed capabilities of hacking into Samsung smart TVs, switching them into a fake ‘off mode’ in order to record audio and transmit it to a nearby CIA server.


In addition to Apple devices, the CIA’s Mobile Devices Branch (MDB), found an exploit to hack and manipulate smartphones and tablets remotely.

These special capabilities include hacking into one’s phone to transmit audio and text messages directly to the CIA without the user’s knowledge. The CIA is also able to turn on the user’s camera or microphone remotely.


In what seems like the scariest of all, is the CIA’s alleged capabilities to control a car that has GPS functionality remotely. That includes infecting a car or truck; however, the motive as to why the CIA would want to do this is unknown. Perhaps it will allow them to perform untraceable assassinations, RT reported.

When asked to comment on the leaks, the CIA gave the following statement.

“We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents.”

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